Insta bond web 150.png
  • Thin – Fills small cracks, great for wicking/coating – 15-25 second set time
  • Thick – Fills gaps, ideal for vertical applications – 25-40 second set time
  • Easy application – Less waste/mess
  • Strong, tough & durable
  • Interior/exterior use

Bonds: Most common materials including: Wood, Ceramic, Metal, Stone, Plastic, China, Rubber, Leather/Fabrics, Glass & More.


Wear gloves to avoid skin contact and protect work area from spills. Bonding surfaces should be clean and dry prior to adhesive application.

Application Temperature

-65 to 180°F (18.33 to 82.22°C)

Set Time After Glue Application

Thin 15-25 second set time Thick 25-40 second set time

Required Clamping / Press Time:

30 seconds. Longer is better.

Curing Time

Handle in 30 minutes. Full cure in 24 hours.