Roseburg Melamine

Whether you are designing furniture, commercial fixtures or cabinets, you can count on Duramine® to offer great looks and proven value. Roseburg's broad selection of rich woodgrains, contemporary abstracts, solid colors and fine textures offer everything you need to design and manufacture extraordinary finished products. Roseburg goes the extra step to ensure that quality is built in – all the way through the process.

How It's Made
Roseburg Duramine® Thermally Fused Laminate panels consist of resin-saturated decorative papers thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of Roseburg SkyBlend® or UltraBlend particleboard, SkyPly® hardwood plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF).


Duramine Environmental Attributes

  • ULEF if specified on SkyBlend PB, MDF or SkyPly CFC Veneer Cores.

  • Can be specified FSC®certified.

  • May contribute to achieving LEED credits.

  • ECC certified.

  • Produced using a 100% recovered/recycled wood fiber core.

  • CARB Phase 2 compliant.

Duramine Key Features

  • No delamination or “peel back”.

  • No gluing or pressing equipment required.

  • No solvent emission from drying glue.

  • PB, MDF and CFC Veneer cores.

  • No disposal of hazardous chemicals.

  • Less expensive than high pressure laminates.

  • Less downgrade through fabrication.